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Cloud-Scale Financial & Operational Data Modeling with QuarkSheets



We are Changing the Way the World Uses Spreadsheets!

In a world where Spreadsheets play a significant role in storing & organizing data, Our Vision is to make Spreadsheets even more powerful, ubiquitous and most importantly
enterprise ready in terms of scale, ease of use and security.



We want you to use, analyze & report on large volumes of data without leaving your favorite Spreadsheets.

Cross-Platform  - Office 365 & Google Sheets

You build your spreadsheet templates once, it is available across
all platforms automagically. Build once, share multiple times to multiple users across platforms.

cross platform-01-01.png
Data Generate.png

Scale as you Grow

Your source data has millions of rows or in some cases 100s of millions across multiple sources. No problem! Building, reporting models on large volumes of data is a breeze for QuarkSheets.

Collaborate & Share

Build your spreadsheet models using QuarkSheets and share to anyone within your company. If you are in our Public Tier, you can share with anyone around the world.

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Forecast, Model & Project

Bring in complex linear or quadratic regression based forecasting models or model time series data or build a long range economic downturn models. You can even build your own proprietary models that can operate at scale.

Relate & Explain

Want to explain what you have done in your spreadsheet models? Every calculation, total etc that you do in your model is sequenced and is visualized in a way that everyone looking at the model can understand. One could have 100 or 1000s of models each connected to the other.

Explain Simulate.png

Consolidate, Allocate, Pivot/Un-Pivot

Consolidation & Allocation at scale, the 2 use cases in enterprise finance which is typically done through complex models or separate EPM platforms is lot more simplified in QuarkSheets. And everytime you need to do subtotals, do you have build Pivot tables? We have rethought how you use Pivot Tables - you dont need Pivot Tables anymore!!!!


Simulate to Plan & Visualize

Simulation in spreadsheet world, is generally reserved as a last option due to the complexity involved in building formulas. At QuarkSheets, Simulation is at the heart of everything. We provide simulation at scale and most importantly one can build models of simulation. 


Model as you Think

Hardest part in building spreadsheet based models is, as your model starts becoming complex it limits the ability of the modeler to add on complexity. At QuarkSheets, our goal is to make modeling extremely simple, dynamic and most importantly not be limited either by complexity or data volume. We truly believe in providing the ability to build models as you think.

model as you think.png

Secure & Trust

QuarkSheets is built around the tenets of new-age cloud security. It uses OAuth2 for all authentication and every user has a protected workspace for them to build models. Models can be shared and most importantly executives can have the trust in data and don't have to worry about someone changing some spreadsheet formulas!!!

Secure and trust.png


How We Bring Everything Together?



A different approach, built on leveraging the benefits of cloud & spreadsheets.

We truly believe using QuarkSheets will significantly alter how people work with Spreadsheets. Our vision is to make spreadsheet-based models scale and leverage the benefits of the cloud.

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